Some Frequently Asked Questions

Unique Touch offers tanning by appointment or walk-in. We have a modern, stand-up tanning unit for your pleasure.

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Read below for some Frequently Asked Questions about tanning:

What’s worse, the sun or a tanning bed?

Exposure to sunlight isn’t a controlled situation. Depending on the time of year, time of day, weather conditions, and the area of the world, you could fry in five hours of five minutes. With tanning beds, you get the same amount of controlled exposure every time.

Will I get skin cancer from tanning at your salon?

Moderate tanning practices won’t put you at “high risk” for cancer. If you abuse anything long enough, you’ll get negative results. A good base tan also helps protect the skin from burning – which has been linked to cancer.

Why do I have to wear eye protection?

2 reasons: the first is because it is the law. The second is because you only have 2 eyes and you need to protect them at all times. If you want to continue seeing colors and not suffer from cataracts, closing your eyes isn’t enough – wear protection!

Can I tan twice a day?
The FDA forbids it more than once a day, as it could damage the skin