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JAZZ UP A HAIRSTYLE by adding a few strands or a full head of colorful extensions. "They're a great way to enhance hair by adding length and volume." You can also add bright highlights like green or red with either cold fusion or a little bit of sparkle using Great Lengths crystal strands composed of actual Swarovski crystals. Installed with the same polymer as regular extensions, they will last just as long regular extensions, are also very useful for complicated or fancy updos.

THE BACKGROUND STORY: I have a shoulder-length hair that I've been trying to grow longer for years. No matter what product I use, my hair goes limp within an hour. When I add product to try to bring out the natural curl, only half of it goes wavy while the other half stays straight and ends up dull. Even if I've spent time styling my hair in the morning. I usually throw it up in a ponytail by lunch. Occasionally, I wear Rachel Welch [clip-on] extensions,but what I really want is thick, beautiful, flowing hair that every celeb and model seems to have nowadays. One of my clients recommended Anna from Unique Touch, so I gave her a call and booked my appointment.

THE TECHNICAL STUFF: Getting hair extensions is a full-day ordeal. It doesn't hurt, but it took six hours - or the time to read two copies of US Weekly, on People, one InStyle and drink three cups of tea. I asked for Great Lengths hair extensions because the are 100 per cent virgin hair (which means it hasn't been overprocessed) from Indian women, whose hair is most genetically similar to that of Caucasian women. Since the hair had never been exposed to harsh chemical treatments, it was supper silky to touch.

ADDED BONUS: The extensions I received had natural curl, which means I can now wear my hair wavy or curly, or straighten it whenever I want. The extensions react well to any styling products and treatments, such as highlights, lowlights or colour - which is perfect for me since I haven't seen my natural hair colour since I was 13.

THE TEST: Anna did an amazing job, and she colour-matched the extensions to my own (coloured) red hair. I love my new hair - and it's so easy to style. I can wear it with sexy and messy wasve, structured curls or sleek and striaght. No matter how I style it, my hair is thick, shiny and full of body - all day long. My ponytail days are a thing of the past.

EXPIRATION DATE: My extensions will last four to six months, and since I can't imagine going back to my lifeless, dull hair, I'll go in every three to four months for maintenance (adding more strands where needed).

GET THE GOODS: Ask for Anna at Unique Touch Hair Design & Tanning Studio, 426 Ossington Ave., Toronto, 416-532-3411